About Us

What Makes Us Different:


• The AIMS Center is designed and furnished with equipment for individuals of all skill levels and abilities.  This means that unlike most play spaces, we can accomodate children with special needs.


• Our large space holds more toys and equipment that address each of the body's senses than our competitors.  This allows us to provide an environment that will continue to challenge your child, regardless of how skilled he/she becomes.  Don't worry if your child requires a smaller, less stimulating environment.  Smaller rooms and sectioned-off areas reduce the stress for you and your child.


• We have partnered with Kristen Klyczek Physical Therapy, PLLC, so if your child requires direct therapy services, group and private motor and sensory-based physical therapy services are available right in our fun and inviting facility!  If your child would benefit from physical therapy, your family will work directly with Dr. Kristen Klyczek, PT, PhD who has over 15 years of experience treating children, and advanced training and mentorship from Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and the STAR Center.  She specializes in treating children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Developmental Delays and those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


• We emphasize family involvement.  You will be amazed at the relationship you can build with your child through uninterrupted play!  Along with Kristen Klyczek Physical Therapy, PLLC, we encourage caregiver involvement to maximize your child's learning and to teach you how to continue the progress at home.

All children, regardless of age or ability level, learn through play. Exploring the environment and experiencing all of the sensations the world has to offer is what children need to move, learn and become the best they can be!


At AIMS, we provide children and their families with the fun, sensory-rich environment they need to explore their senses, test new skills, and experience the satisfaction of knowing "I did it!"  Our 4,500 square foot facility offers ball pits, zip lines, swings, slides, a lycra wall, an "Ooey Gooey" room and all the sensory toys children need to challenge each of their senses in a way that feels safe, successful and FUN!


But AIMS isn't just another play space for chaotic free play.  Our equipment is designed for children of all ability levels, and the organized programming offered in our facility is designed to meet the unique needs of each child.  Whether you are looking to build on the skills your child already has in a playgroup setting, or your child is in need of more specialized pediatric motor or sensory-based physical therapy (provided by Kristen Klyczek Physical Therapy, PLLC), you will find a service that is just right for you. 


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